Chef-Prepared Meals

Priority Life Care’s Nutritional Program

We understand at Priority Life Care Nutritional Program is one of the most pressing factors when choosing a senior community, especially as the prospective resident. We understand that the dining experience must not only be nutritious, but it must also taste good as well as be an outlet for social interaction. We start with meeting with each senior to find out their preferences: likes and dislikes, food allergies and intolerance, and favorite comfort foods. And we staff with kind employees who help nurture our residents, not only with the food that they serve but also with their warm interactions.

Each of our locations serve three (3) meals a day, seven (7) days a week, plus snacks. Many of our locations have “restaurant-style” meals, where residents are able to choose from the meal of the day or from an alternate food menu filled with home-cooked meals prepared from scratch and nutritious choices.

Menu items vary by location and even regional items, which usually act as comfort food may vary. Below is an example of the different menu items of Priority Life Care’s Nutritional Program.


Priority Life Care's Nutritional Program - Sample Menu Items

Experience Priority Life Care’s Nutritional Program  in person at a at a community in your area.