Advancing Senior Care with TruLoo

March 14, 2024

A Tech Breakthrough in Senior Living 

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior care, the integration of technology has been a game-changer. Priority Life Care (PLC) is at the forefront of this movement, ushering in a new era of dignified, seamless, and preventative senior care. One remarkable addition to some PLC communities is Toi Labs’ TruLoo – a discreet yet powerful tool that is revolutionizing how staff members, residents, and families experience senior living.

Tech Evolution in Senior Living

Senior care has historically borrowed technology from other fields, adapting it to meet the unique needs of elderly residents. However, the industry is now witnessing a paradigm shift with the development of tech solutions designed explicitly for senior living. The primary goal is to restore seniors’ dignity and freedom while maintaining a high quality of life. The focus is on monitoring and staying connected with residents, moving towards a preventative model that allows them to age in place gracefully.

Balancing labor and cost is a critical consideration. Redundant and robotic tasks can be offloaded to technology, freeing up caregivers to focus on more intricate aspects of their role, such as empathy and critical thinking. The challenge is to create technology that feels like home – seamless, invisible, yet accurate, efficient, and helpful.

TruLoo: An Inexpensive, Reliable Solution

TruLoo is not just a product; it’s a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of seniors and the staff who care for them. It is designed to be an early warning device, providing crucial insights that enable early intervention. The unit is unobtrusive, ensuring privacy is maintained as a top priority. Importantly, only the toilet is monitored – preserving the dignity and confidentiality of residents.

In addition to being safe and private, TruLoo is an invaluable tool for staff members. It serves as an early warning system, allowing them to identify potential concerns at the earliest stages. This proactive approach enables care providers to address issues calmly and non-invasively, minimizing the impact of early-onset concerns and preventing escalation.

How TruLoo Works

TruLoo employs cutting-edge image technology with an image sensor facing down into the bowl. The system recognizes when someone is present and captures images during the toileting session. Toi Labs has developed sophisticated AI that analyzes these images for anything concerning. This non-diagnostic approach merely flags potential issues, allowing expert staff to intervene as needed.

Communication is key, and TruLoo ensures this by providing clear information. In the future, Toi Labs plans to integrate with communities’ EMR systems, streamlining the alert and recording process for even more efficient and comprehensive care.

Looking Forward

While TruLoo is currently available in some PLC communities, it’s essential to note that there is currently no specific timeline for its implementation in all communities. The focus remains on advancing senior care through technology, making it more cost-effective, efficient, and, above all, respectful of the individuals it serves.

In conclusion, TruLoo exemplifies the commitment of Priority Life Care to embrace the latest in senior care technology. By leveraging innovation like TruLoo, PLC aims to enhance the well-being of residents, support staff members in their roles, and contribute to an overall positive and dignified senior living experience. As the industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between senior care and technology will undoubtedly redefine the future of aging with grace and vitality.

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