Priority Life Care Rolls Out Its Memory Care Program: Along the Journey

June 1, 2019

June 1, 2019, Fort Wayne, Indiana – Priority Life Care has rolled out a new memory care program, dedicated to residents who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The signature programming is named Along the Journey and will roll out to all communities within operated by Priority Life Care.

Along the Journey

Along the Journey

The Along the Journey program was created for residents and caregivers to develop trusting relationships through one-on-one and family participation. Through person-centered care, services are adapted to each individual’s abilities and personality. This ensures a comfortable and safe environment. Residents enjoy an array of services and life enrichment programs designed to engage all stages of memory loss.

“It is so important to involve family when you have a senior living with dementia,” said Bobby Petras of Priority Life Care, COO of Priority Life Care. “We felt that even though our coworkers are trained to care for our seniors with a dementia diagnosis, we wanted a program where the our resident’s Journey included the family.”

The goal of Along the Journey is that every resident who chooses a Priority Life Care community is treated as a respected member of the family and has a feeling of connection, comfort, and caring.

To attain this, residents, family members, physicians, and caregivers are all included in creating the right care plan for residents. The care plans meet residents where they are at and celebrates each small success at a time. Residents are able to focus on their strengths rather than limitations where activities match their current abilities.

The program is simple as it is logical. Designed for trust and connection, it lends itself to a calming atmosphere, with small celebrations to be had daily.

Consistent Training is Key

“The program has been helpful in creating a consistency for our residents and families,” adds Petras. “And when you are adding or expanding memory care neighborhoods, consistency is key.”

Priority Life Care feels that consistent training and hiring the right people is what makes Along the Journey successful. Many times coworkers are promoted into working in our memory care neighborhoods. They feel it is an honor to care for their residents Along the Journey and should be an honor to work in the neighborhood.


Priority Life Care is a privately owned and operated management and development company Founded in 2009. It specializes in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Personal Care and Memory Care. Currently, Priority Life Care operates 30 communities throughout Indiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Texas.


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