Discover Your Fortune: Along the Journey

May 18, 2021

Finding a place to care for a loved one who is suffering from memory loss can often be a difficult and stressful search to undergo. The search can be overwhelming, and many questions may arise upon doing the research to find the right community.

Caucasian senior woman listening to music through headphones.

One common worry among family members is determining the type of care that is needed, and those needs being met both during and after the transition into one of our communities. Our memory care program assesses potential residents prior to becoming a part of our community to determine the care that is needed. Through our Along the Journey program, our employees help discover the rich, unique lives of our residents who experience Alzheimer’s or dementia.

A Positive Transition for Resident & Family

Along the Journey adapts to each individual’s abilities and personality to ensure a comfortable and safe environment. Our goal is for every resident to experience a comfortable transition into our community and a feeling of connection, comfort, and caring at Priority Life Care.

Another concern for family members dealing with a loved one who suffers from memory loss is the difficult transition into a new home. Those suffering from memory loss are often confused and resistant to sudden changes. Because Alzheimer’s and dementia tend to cause residents stress and anxiety, those suffering from any sort of memory loss need to feel that they are in a supportive, safe and positive environment. The more routine and normalcy within their environment, the happier and stress-free the resident with memory loss will be.

Person-Centered Care

Through working with the resident, family, physicians, and caregivers, we are able to successfully provide person-centered care. The family of the resident works with the community staff to discuss the senior, including what their current familiar routine consists of and what they may need in order to feel more comfortable and well-adjusted in their new home at Priority Life Care. It is important for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory problems to remain as consistent as possible with their typical daily routine so as not to cause them distress and confusion.

At Priority Life Care, it is our job to make sure that our residents who are dealing with memory loss feel supported and comfortable in every way in their new home. If your loved one is used to getting fresh air every day and going on a short walk outside after lunch, we will make sure that they are able to continue that important part of their day with assistance from one of our staff. Whatever is a part of their normal routine, we will do our absolute best to adhere to that and make sure that each resident feels comfortable and supported.

Resident Safety

Another question that might arise during the search for a memory care community is the safety of our communities. We have visiting physicians and telehealth at the community level. and medical staff on duty for our residents’ safety and security 24 hours, seven days a week to ensure that your loved one is in good hands, and family members are able to feel at ease. We provide a highly staffed memory care community to ensure that our residents who are suffering from memory loss or confusion have someone there with them at all times if they need it. Our goal at Priority Life Care is to maintain safety and overall wellbeing for our residents and give peace of mind to their family knowing that they made the right decision to place them in our care.

Throughout the search process for a memory care home for a loved one, there are so many questions to be asked and concerns that need addressing. Here is how Priority Life Care addresses and eases those concerns. (link to new page discussing further FAQ’s about memory care communities)


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