Celebrating the 50th Episode of the Award-Winning “Her Stories” Podcast

July 26, 2023

July 26, 2023, Fort Wayne, Ind.—Sevy Petras, CEO and co-founder of Priority Life Care, is celebrating the 50th episode of her award-winning “Her Stories” podcast.

Petras launched “Her Stories” in August 2022 as a platform dedicated to telling the inspiring origin stories of women who have built careers in senior housing. Each episode features Petras interviewing a woman from the industry as they discuss their experiences, challenges, and triumphs as they have climbed the proverbial invisible ladder – helping pave the way for more women to consider careers that impact senior housing.

For the milestone 50th episode, Petras sat in the “hot seat” herself as the guest, taking the opportunity to reflect on the podcast’s incredible journey. She discusses the diversity of experiences she has encountered over the past episodes and the invaluable lessons she has learned from each guest.

“This is a remarkable milestone for our entire team at Priority Life Care,” Petras said. “We started ‘Her Stories’ to provide a unique perspective on the impact and significance of these stories and the common thread that connects these exceptional women. The senior housing industry plays a crucial role in caring for our beloved elders, and it is heartening to see the increasing number of talented women contributing to this field.

“By showcasing their journeys, ‘Her Stories’ has become an important resource for aspiring professionals, offering them insights, guidance, and motivation to pursue careers in senior housing,” Petras continued. “I’m proud of the impact it’s already had in encouraging and supporting the next generation of women leaders in this industry, and I’m humbled by the reception and recognition it has received.”

Listen to the Awarding Winning Her Stories Podcast

“Her Stories” won the Best Audio / Radio / Podcast Campaign at the 2023 Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards, and the podcast has been downloaded more than 2,300 times since its launch.

The newest episode – along with all 50 episodes – of ‘Her Stories’ is available on all podcast platforms, as well as the Her Stories website.

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