Prepared Today for a Safer Tomorrow

May 4, 2021

Keeping residents safe is one of our core values at Priority Life Care. As our residents and employees have been prioritized for the vaccine, Priority Life Care remains confident as we accelerate back to “normal.” Residents and families have peace of mind as we re-open focusing on resident health, safety, and well-being.

Through this time, safety and the overall well-being of our residents is extremely important to us. Our employees are here to ensure that your loved one feels well-adjusted and at ease in their new home.

When you choose a Priority Life Care community, you can count on staff onsite 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You will rest assured knowing your loved one is in a safe and comfortable environment. And to make life easy, we offer onsite options for therapy, orthopedics, pharmacy, and telehealth.

When choosing a place for your loved one to spend their elder years, it is important to do your research and find a place that makes not only your loved one feel comfortable, but your family as well.

A Well-Trained Staff

A common concern for families who are looking for care is the type of training that the staff has undergone. Priority Life Care community staff is required to maintain ongoing certifications as necessary per state, as well as our own company-defined requirements. It is important that staff performs person-centered care, which is centered around the individual resident and their specific needs.

Priority Life Care believes person-centered care promotes the respect and dignity the resident deserves when designing their care plan. The community staff works with the resident along with family, caregivers, and physicians, to create the best care plan for the resident. To be inclusive in care planning, everyone has an understanding and agrees upon the best way to provide overall wellness to the resident.

Safe and Effective Cleaning Measures

Another common concern for families, especially after the COVID pandemic, is the type of disinfectants and cleaning products that are being used in our communities. Priority Life Care is committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products within all of our communities. The products we use contain hydrolyzed water, meaning they hospital-grade and as effective as bleach, but safer and gentler to use with no harsh chemicals or contaminants.

All of our common areas within our communities are cleaned and disinfected many times a day with our environmentally safe products. It is our honor and our privilege to look after your loved one and ensure that they have a safe and clean place to call home. Click here for more information on our cleaners.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is another safety measure that we take very seriously at Priority Life Care. We do this by ensuring that all common areas are well-lit, including hallways, and free of any trip hazards. We also include hallway rails and grab bars, as necessary, for residents to use as support.

Upon admission, residents are assessed by both community staff and may also be assessed by our therapy partner. Our staff continues to assess the patient and determine changes in needed care. The therapy partner assesses the need for physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as a need for apartment enhancements. For example, a shower chair or a grab bar in the bathroom.

Another way to prevent falls is through physical exercise. Priority Life Care communities offer daily exercise for all residents through Life Enrichment programming. Our Life Enrichment department encourages our residents to take advantage of our exercise programs to help prevent injury and counteract the effect of aging.

Caucasian woman is safe to take off her mask.

Continued Safety

Priority Life Care strives for the absolute best care to be given to our residents every single day. We do this by personalizing our care and providing consistent, well-trained caregivers in our communities. We are constantly improving our communities and training our staff with safety top of mind.

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