So You’ve Planned Your Visit – What Next?

July 1, 2022
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Transitioning a loved one into a senior care community can be a big adjustment for both residents and family members. For many, it’s easy to carve out time to visit but sometimes difficult to know what to do or what to bring. Being prepared for your visit can help ease your mind.

So you’ve planned your next visit, what now? Below is a short list of items, activities, and games that will help you plan for a visit and give you and your loved one something to look forward to! 

Sign up for community activities

All Priority Life Care communities take pride in having numerous activities throughout each week to ensure that seniors are engaged and connected. These activities are an opportunity for you to connect with your loved one through a shared hobby or the learning of a new skill. A few examples of activities might be:

  • Gardening Club
  • Group exercise class
  • Game Night
  • Trivia Games

Cooking a meal

You may consider participating in a cooking activity with your loved one. Perhaps, with the children present, your loved ones can teach them a traditional family recipe. Many communities have a community kitchen available.If not, you can always bring their favorite foods. Community associates are there to help you and your loved ones get the best of every moment. 

Photos / Photo Albums 

Your next visit is an opportunity to not only capture the moment but create memories with your loved ones. If you are yet to make a family portrait, your visit is the best time to do so, especially with the entire family. 

Having a generational blend is perfect! You may consider bringing the grandchildren along on your next visit and welcome them into these moment as well. These pictures can serve as apartment decor or be added to a photo album, allowing your loved one to reminisce over memories. Alternatively, you may also consider bringing old photos/photo albums from home to spark storytelling and relive your family’s favorite memories. 

Live Streaming

If your loved one is committed to religious practices, then you can livestream services or invite members of their religious organizations during the visit. This helps foster connection not just within the community but outside as well. Most seniors enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a worship session or a spiritual practice. It is sometimes helpful to engage in these activities on a group level as that promotes accountability among others.

Thankfully, a number of religious organizations have migrated to the internet space with livestreaming on media pages across the globe, providing an opportunity to pray, meditate or attend a service with your loved ones. 

Card Games

Lastly, we always recommend a classic card game or board game. Bringing a deck of cards is a simple way to get everyone involved in one activity, but still being relaxed enough to let conversation flow naturally. At any PLC community, there are common spaces with tables and room to gather with family and friends for a game of cards! 

How do Senior Communities help your loved ones?

At every Priority Life Care community, we ensure that your loved one is living life to the fullest. From group activities and outings to game nights and reading clubs, there is always something available for residents to participate in. We understand that fostering connection and community is essential to the wellbeing and longevity of seniors. 

While each community does this in their own unique way, we wanted to highlight a few communities that are going above and beyond!

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