Stay Connected. You are Not Alone.

May 11, 2021

It is a common worry when making the difficult decision to move a loved one into an assisted living community that he or she or she may experience loneliness. We understand that change may be difficult for some residents, and so we want to help make the transition smooth and free of worry. At Priority Life Care, it is always our goal to keep safety and overall mental and physical well-being a priority for all.

African american senior woman reaches out to African american senior man in wheelchair to stay connected.

The year of COVID-19 was tough on many, Priority Life Care has focused on remaining a strong and vibrant community. Every resident who has moved into one of our communities is treated as a respected member of our family. We want our residents to be able to feel a sense of familiarity, connectedness, and comfort through being a member of this community.

We understand that loneliness is a concern for your loved one as they begin to get older and need assistance. Community staff warmly welcomes and encourages family members of residents to come and pay regular visits. Our communities are open to visitors and offer engaging and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. From our beautiful and spacious common spaces and outdoor areas, to our chef-prepared meals in our dining room, there is something for everyone to enjoy when paying a loved one a visit.

Socialization Through Our Life Enrichment Programs

At Priority Life Care communities, our Life Enrichment focuses on nourishing the three key elements to overall wellness: mind, body, and soul. Our goal is not just simply to keep our residents busy. We are looking to give our community members a purpose each and every day, bringing joy to their lives and a sense of togetherness throughout the community.

We offer many social opportunities for our residents to get involved with their fellow community members. Bingo has proven to be a favorite social pastime for residents at the Priority Life Care communities. New faces and friends alike often meet prior and converse with one another while playing. Staff is constantly brainstorming new ideas and connecting with residents to help keep our residents mentally and physically moving each day.

Residents also find that they are able to socialize and meet new friends in the common dining room. Newer residents are paired up with a Priority Life Care resident ambassador who dines with them, introducing and sharing with them the friendly faces around the community.

Mind, Body, & Soul

We provide many different opportunities for our residents to get involved with their neighbors and enrich their mind, body, and soul. Our communities offer fun brain exercises such as book clubs, trivia nights, and educational speakers to our communities to enrich the minds of our residents. Brain activities such as these can aid in improved attention, memory, and increased independence. Chair yoga, walking clubs, and chair or standing aerobics are among some of the many activities that we offer to help keep our residents moving their bodies and getting healthy exercise each day. Soul-enriching activities have included making blankets for the homeless, writing letters to overseas soldiers, and volunteering at the soup kitchen. Our goal is to help create a family feel amongst our community members, building a sense of belonging and comfort.

Communities Offer Socialization Opportunities

With 24/7 personal care services, daily housekeeping, and many opportunities for our residents to socialize and have a purpose each day, it is our goal for our residents to feel connected, comfortable, and well cared for in their community. The Priority Life Care community is committed to ensuring that not only are their residents physically cared for, but also mentally and spiritually looked after so that they may live a brighter, fuller life of purpose.

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