Priority Life Care Makes Talent Development a Priority through an Innovative New Program

March 7, 2023

March 7, 2023, Fort Wayne, Ind.—As attracting and developing talent continues to be a key focus for many companies in the senior housing field, Priority Life Care is leading the way through an innovative leadership-development program it recently launched.

The Pathway to Promotion program is designed for Priority Life Care employees ready to develop the skills and leadership qualities necessary to grow their careers in senior housing. Employees identified as exhibiting leadership qualities and meeting certain qualifications are accepted into the program, which features an intensive, 16-step workflow to maximize efficiencies and monitor success.

“At PLC, we’ve realized the fact that we have an abundance of ‘rock stars’ within our organization, and we want to be sure that we do our part in providing opportunities for those who go above and beyond in search for advancement,” explained Mark Starks, Senior Vice President of Operations for Priority Life Care. “This is an issue that is obviously very important to our entire leadership team – including me. I’m where I’m at today because someone gave me a chance. Seeing the growth within our organization is one of the most rewarding things for me, and this program is already succeeding in making that growth possible in an efficient and effective way for the Priority Life Care team.”

Pathway to Promotion curriculum, which includes mentorship and intensive training, can be further customized based on an employee’s ultimate advancement goals, whether they are within the community they currently work at or into a corporate role at Priority Life Care. Participating associates also complete fundamental skills assessments to aid PLC corporate trainers in identifying areas to enhance their skill sets.

Kaitlyn Kush joined Celebration Villa of Lakemont Farms, a Priority Life Care enhanced care community located in Bridgeville, PA, in 2014. She currently serves as the community’s Lead Med Tech and is participating in the Pathway to Promotion program.

“My experience in the program so far has been amazing,” Kush explained. “We receive an incredible amount of information, expertise, and support from leaders here at the community and from throughout the company. I feel like Pathway to Promotion is the perfect program because it helps me further my career while also supporting this community and the company as a whole.”

“We are excited to grow our future leaders at Priority Life Care and want to do everything we can to support them,” said Sevy Petras, CEO of Priority Life Care. “My job is to help provide more opportunities for those working in our communities. This program helps give a formal process to ensure every person looking for career advancements has the chance to pursue them – in any department or community. We are thrilled by the employee interest and excitement around the program we are already experiencing.”

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