Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Fitness for Pain Control May 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

Chronic pain can be the culprit of diminished quality of life for many seniors. The rate of chronic pain sufferers above the age of 65 is cited to be as high as 60-75%. As individuals age, they may find that they become more sedentary for a variety of reasons, such as working from a desk… Read More

The Importance of Senior Nutrition April 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. A combination of proper nutrients and exercise can help prevent a variety of chronic diseases. Throughout the aging process, bone and muscle mass is lost as metabolisms change. Due to the unique nutritional needs of seniors, taking the proper measures to provide wholesome, healthy foods is key… Read More

Priority Life Care’s Along the Journey Program March 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

The Along the Journey program was created by Priority Life Care with residents, their families, and caregivers in mind. The services provided are adjusted to fit each individual’s abilities and specific needs. The program has been designed to benefit all stages of memory loss while remaining flexible enough to be adapted daily. The overarching goal… Read More

Do Brain Games Actually Work? February 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

As we age, it’s just as crucial to exercise the mind as it is to keep the physical body fit. Cognitive function is a key component to one’s overall well-being, as well as a supporting factor in the ability to live independently. These days, brain game apps are readily available. Using activities and games to… Read More

Independence At Every Stage January 2, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

At Priority Life Care, our purpose is Independence. This independence can be a peace of mind, like in the case of mother and daughter, Linda and Betty, at Celebration Villa.

The Importance of Connection Amongst Seniors December 1, 2022 by Sarah Lewis

As people age, it can become more difficult to derive a sense of purpose from day-to-day life, especially after careers have come to an end and routines have changed. Within a senior community, we find that meaningful connections are more important than ever. Seniors who possess a strong social network have a significantly better overall… Read More

Vertis Therapy Partnership November 1, 2022 by Sarah Lewis

Upon entering residential care or assisted living facilities, many seniors begin to feel anxious and uncertain as to what their future may hold. At Priority Life Care, these concerns are eased by quality care and personal connections provided to all community members. When it comes to senior care, physical abilities and personalities can span a… Read More

How iN2L Is Leading the Industry in Senior-Friendly Tech October 1, 2022 by Sarah Lewis

Social connection and meaningful engagement are incredibly important within senior communities across the world and have been linked to higher levels of purpose and self-esteem. However, in the world of fast-paced and ever-changing technology, seniors can often be forgotten. This is where Priority Life Care utilizes companies such as iN2Lto bring seniors back into the… Read More

So You’ve Planned Your Visit – What Next? July 1, 2022 by Sarah Lewis

Moving into a senior community can be a big adjustment. If you’re planning to visit, read PLC’s suggestions to to ease your mind and make the most of your time with your loved one.

Valparaiso Senior Village Adopts iN2L to Facilitate Resident Camaraderie and Purpose March 2, 2022 by Jill Moy Record

Valparaiso Senior Village, a leading senior living community serving Northwest Indiana, today announced that it has partnered with iN2L, the leading provider of person-centered digital engagement to the senior living market.

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