Five Simple Soul Essentials

August 1, 2022

Finding hobbies, activities, and practices that nourish the soul is essential to living a well-balanced life at any age. Priority Life Care communities encourage both residents and family members to seek these activities out in their day to day lives. Below are five simple ideas that can be incorporated into a seniors routine to boost spirits, foster connection, and spark joy.

1. Learn a new skill

Learning something new can help improve cognitive functions such as concentration, attention to detail, memory recall, and problem solving. When seniors engage in challenging new activities, they gain both physical and emotional perseverance, which also refreshes the soul. 

We understand that some seniors may encounter impediments to successfully learning a new skill. For this reason, Priority Life Care staff will work with the residents to offer modified activities for those who need them.

2. Spend Time Outdoors

Getting outdoors can allow seniors to spend time with loved ones, stay fit, or simply get some fresh air. It’s common to find walking paths, porch swings, or flower gardens at many PLC communities. Spending time outside provides an opportunity to spend time with other residents, listen to the birds chirping, or engage in physical activities. There are many activities that residents can engage in, but the key is just getting outside.

3. See a Movie

One of the recommendations for seniors is to see a movie at the senior community or a movie theater. Undoubtedly, watching a movie can improve the attention span of seniors as well as their overall cognitive abilities. It can also be a great form of relaxation. You can get your loved ones to watch a movie that relates to health or an old show that takes them down memory lane. 

4. Do Something Social

At every PLC community, residents have countless opportunities to connect and engage with one another. The connectivity may be fostered through social activities, fitness classes, reading groups, or other common interests. 

Spending time in the community with other residents can help seniors overcome struggles like isolation, loss, or anxiety. Having friendships and personal connections can help seniors feel more at home and ultimately make their overall experience better.

5. Meditation

Your loved one may consider engaging in meditation practice to relieve stress and boost mental health. By incorporating mindfulness, meditation can offer these surprising health benefits:

  • Reduces blood pressure and regulates cortisol levels by improving your immune system 
  • Alleviates muscle tension and aches that are often associated with feeling stressed
  • Lowers the risk of stress-like diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol

The most common types of meditation include:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • Movement meditation (yoga)

How can senior communities help your loved ones’ soul practices?

Priority Life Care communities have life enrichment programs which are designed to enrich your loved ones’ souls. Each community offers a different array of programming based on the interests and hobbies of their residents. Your loved one might volunteer, make crafts for the communities around them, or engage in group activities that promote a sense of belonging. 

If you are interested in learning more about the activities, you can visit to find a community near your loved one that offers these types of activities.

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