How iN2L Is Leading the Industry in Senior-Friendly Tech

October 1, 2022
Male And Female Residents Sitting In Chairs And Talking In Lounge Of Retirement Home

Social connection and meaningful engagement are incredibly important within senior communities across the world and have been linked to higher levels of purpose and self-esteem. However, in the world of fast-paced and ever-changing technology, seniors can often be forgotten. This is where Priority Life Care utilizes companies such as iN2Lto bring seniors back into the loop and closer to their families.

Who is iN2L?

It’s Never 2 Late, also known as iN2L, has been around since 1999 and is now a market leader in the senior care industry. The company provides resources and tools to senior communities that help promote engagement amongst the residents, their loved ones, and their caregivers.

Built on the idea that it’s never too late to experience a sense of purpose through meaningful connection, the company strives to provide accessible tech that promotes exactly that.

With a focus on senior-friendly technology, seniors and families use tablets and touch screen systems designed to be easily handled. With this user-friendly model, iN2L has built an expansive library of content that can resonate with seniors across a spectrum of cognitive and physical abilities.

Seniors and their caregivers can utilize this tech to make video calls, discover new areas of interest, and even reminisce on cherished memories. These purposeful interactions are designed to promote happier and healthier seniors.

Through the use of this senior-focused tech, iN2L has been able to nurture social interaction within senior living facilities, as well as outpatient therapy units. Aside from the social aspect, the tech put forward by the company can help assist within memory care settings, as well as physical and cognitive therapy sessions.

iN2L recognizes the importance of meaningful connection and strives to provide seniors with the technology that can provide just that. To positively impact senior-living communities, the company continues to advance technology that is designed with seniors in mind.

The Future of Senior Care

As the industry continues forward, there will inevitably be new tools and methods for how best to provide seniors with opportunities to build and strengthen social ties, whether it be with loved ones or with those who live and work with them on a day-to-day basis. Consistent, high–quality interaction is fundamental in warding off loneliness and symptoms of depression.

iN2L technology is already being utilized in over 3,700 senior living and across the United States and Canada, which includes a number of Priority Life Care communities. The partnership of both companies provides enrichment to the care of senior residents.

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