Independence At Every Stage

January 2, 2023

At Priority Life Care, we understand the importance of providing independence-supportive care. Each senior that comes into one of our communities meets a team of empathetic and qualified caregivers who are ready to deliver individualized care and attention.

Independence Deserves to be Preserved

At Priority Life Care, we strive to alleviate any concerns seniors and their families may have about moving into one of our communities. 

A testimonial shared by Linda Bonneau, the daughter of resident Betty Beltz states, “I have never regretted our decision to send my mother to Celebration Villa.  From the moment my mother moved in, she was welcomed with open arms. 

“The staff keeps an open line of communication with me, always making me feel involved in my mother’s daily life.  I never hesitate to reach out to Tanya with any questions or concerns I may have.  The wonderfully crafted events for the residents are designed to keep family involved in their loved ones’ lives, and we are always excited to join in on the fun! 

“I truly cannot say enough nice things about the staff at Celebration Villa.  They are the ones that make Celebration Villa not just a residence, but a community.”

How Priority Life Care Encourages Independence 

When providing care to our residents, PLC focuses on preserving the mind, body, and soul, of each senior. This may be through social events, educational classes, exercise classes, and other individual and group activities that foster connection, laughter, and joy.

As seniors age out of the workforce, there is often a gap left in their lives. Participating in volunteer opportunities provides them with a sense of independence by providing an environment that stimulates their mind and body while keeping them engaged with a hands-on task.

A current resident at Carolina Gardens at Garden City, Melissa Romero, shares this testimony about keeping her independence:

“Living at Carolina Gardens at Garden City, I am close to my brother and still have the independence to do the things that I love. 

“Since I moved in, I have been given security that there is always someone here to help if needed. We have people that push you to do your best and encourage you to keep your independence. I am so thankful for the staff and therapy girls who help us day to day. 

“Because I feel secure, I can use the gifts God has given me to welcome new residents in and live each day to my fullest. By having a purpose, it keeps me going. Thank you to those at Carolina Gardens at Garden City for giving me my life back!”

Providing Independence Through Care

At Priority Life Care communities, caregivers strive to foster independence for each resident through an individualized approach. Whether the resident needs help staying on a medication schedule, practicing proper hygiene, or making healthy decisions each day — PLC staff is here to accommodate these necessities.

Transitioning to an assisted-living community doesn’t have to signify the end of one’s independence. It can oftentimes be the best option for retaining or regaining a sense of empowerment.

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