Music Does Wonders for the Elderly

September 9, 2019

Research from numerous reputable studies has indicated music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain in addition to improving sleep, moods, mental alertness and memory, proving most beneficial to the elderly. YOu can find many additional benefits here.

Despite the advance of age, our brains are constantly building connections whenever new stimuli are introduced and repeated.  Old habits and routines, on the other hand, prohibit the creation of new synapses.  Think of walking in the same footsteps on a path and eventually a rut is made.  But introducing new stimuli, such as different musical genres, will create completely new neural connections, bridging over these ruts.

Listening to a genre like jazz or classical music for the first time may prove unpleasant or difficult at first to someone who grew up absorbed in the melodies of folk or country and then stayed loyal to these genres throughout life.  Eventually the passages and motifs of unfamiliar forms of music will flow normally.

After all, listening to a new form of music merely requires a practicing ear.  Just stay with the new genre for a few days and switches inside the brain start connecting.  It proves merely to be exercise for the ears and brain.

One musical genre that ranks highest in staving off cognitive problems with advancing age is classical music.  Standing above the giant composers in classical music and boosting brain wave activity is Mozart.

According to numerous studies, people who began listening to Mozart on a regular basis were found to increase memory and improved problem solving abilities.  In these studies, the elderly enjoyed the benefits, as did younger people.

Music at Priority Life Care

We find at Priority Life Care communities, music calms, connects, and helps communicate more effectively with our residents. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun! You will find music is part of our daily regimen at Priority Life Care communities. From morning exercises, sock hops, live entertainment and more, we have a love for music.

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