Top Four Reasons to Work in Senior Living

April 16, 2020

You might hear people say that working in senior care is a job they just couldn’t do. Well, they don’t know what they are missing out on! Of course, there is work involved, but taking care of seniors isn’t just a job, and the rewards go far beyond receiving a paycheck every two weeks.

Direct Investment 

First, you have to understand that people live in our communities. They aren’t guests, WE are. As caregivers, we work inside their homes. This gives us the unique experience of bonding and sharing daily experiences with our residents. We are directly invested in their joys, sorrows, accomplishments, and triumphs. The staff of Priority Life Care communities often find themselves feeling like family with their residents and coworkers. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate birthdays, participate in special events, or go on outings with such extraordinary people? It’s a unique experience to be able to share on a daily basis!

What You Do Matters

Another aspect of senior living that so many miss out on is knowing that what you do matters. In assisted living, most of our residents only need minimal to moderate assistance with day-to-day tasks, including those who reside in our Memory Care (dementia) neighborhoods. Everything our caregivers do for our residents makes them feel loved and safe. Residents sincerely appreciate our efforts to keep them healthy and happy. Employees of senior care communities are able to leave their jobs every day knowing that what they do truly makes a difference in someone’s life!

Learning Experience 

We’ve all heard the old adage that wisdom comes with age. The residents we take care of have obviously lived longer than we have, and thus have years of wisdom and experience under their belts. Imagine learning something new every day, whether how to do a particular job, about a valuable personal experience, or seeing a unique piece of history through their eyes. By listening to the people who have experienced so much throughout their lifetimes, we can learn so much. However, be warned that they have pretty wicked senses of humor, so you might catch yourself smiling and laughing a lot!

Room to Grow 

Healthcare is a fast-growing field that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. The baby boom generation is moving into the retirement phase of their lives, which means caregivers are needed more now than ever. As the needs of the industry change, so do the needs of the staff. Luckily for us, Priority Life Care is in the business of taking care of people – and that includes their employees. In addition to the intrinsic rewards caregivers gain from working in assisted living, there are numerous extrinsic benefits offered that can help employees maintain a healthy work/home balance. Some of the benefits offered by Priority Life Care include paid sick and vacation time, health benefits, retirement plans, and life insurance.

Priority Life Care is dedicated to providing quality care and consistently serving our residents and their families with respect, dignity, and compassion. Our goals are to maintain the safety of our residents by providing the supportive care they deserve; to provide the highest quality of amenities and services that give our residents the ability to make good choices for their overall wellness and independence; and to provide quality, affordable care. Nothing about that could ever be considered a downside!

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