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Creating an Inclusive Culture through A Resident-Driven Philosophy

At Priority Life Care communities, our Life Enrichment focuses on nourishing the 3 key elements to overall wellness: Mind, Body, & Soul. To do this, we meet with each individual resident and understand the opportunities needed to aid in personal growth and quality of life.

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We’re not just looking to “keep residents busy,” we’re looking to give them purpose. To wake up every day knowing they are a needed individual.

Nourishing the Mind, Body, & Soul

Each day, Priority Life Care communities offer a mix of activities and outings that help nurture our residents’ mind, body, & soul. Each activity offers a purpose and is an essential component of keeping our residents healthy.

Body “Physical” Enrichment

Physical activity is important for our seniors’ overall health. Benefits include improved or maintained balance, mobility, and pain control. Fitness classes offered at our communities are easily modified for any level of fitness. Classes may include chair yoga, walking clubs, chair or standing aerobics, and more.

Soul “Self” Enrichment

Enriching the soul can take on many forms. It might be self reflection and improvement, serving others to create a positive force, or connecting with others and having a sense of belonging.

Priority Life Care communities offer individualized opportunities to support self care along with activities and clubs with purpose to encourage group engagement and interaction. These offerings differ widely between communities.

Groups focused on purpose can choose to serve the greater community. Past opportunities have included making blankets for homeless, writing to overseas soldiers, and volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

Mind “Intellectual” Enrichment

Exercising the brain benefits our residents by improving attention, enhancing memory, and increasing independence. Our communities offer brain activities such as book clubs, trivia night, and educational speakers to keep the brain stimulated and engaged.

Typically, residents start their day with light exercises. Mid-morning, they may meet with other residents to discuss current events or books. Often, events offer food and an educational component. Our most popular events include music and off-site outings to local museums, nearby parks, shopping areas, and restaurants.

Life Enrichment programming at Priority Life Care communities inspire residents to lead a fulfilling and active life. We aim to help our residents feel in touch with the social fabric of their local communities.

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