Strengthen & Flourish

January 1, 2023

Our Continued COVID Response

Our communities continue to gain greater protection from the COVID-19 virus through increasing vaccination rates, continued enhanced cleaning & safety protocols, and infection control. As life continues to regain normalcy, our communities continue to strengthen and flourish. We welcome our friends, families, and new residents into Priority Life Care communities.

Visitors Welcome!

In-person visits are a vital part of our residents’ lives. As state and local health departments allow, friends and family are welcome in our communities. Outside visits are also an option. Calling ahead of your visit is recommended and a requirement for some communities.

All visitors, including coworkers, friends, family, and partners, may be subject to health screenings, face coverings, social distancing, proof of vaccination and/or COVID-19 testing in accordance with state and local guidelines. Please call your local community ahead of your visit to understand its protocol for any questions.

Accepting New Residents

Click on the link below on how we are safely accepting new residents in Priority Life Care communities.

Continued Safety Protocols

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection with Viking Pure Solutions.
90% of all residents are fully vaccinated!
Continuous communication to our residents, families, and coworkers.

Community Living for a Longer, Healthier Life

Studies show that senior living allows for healthy aging and helps you thrive. In fact, seniors living in communities reported healthier behaviors and greater wellness.

Stay In Touch

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