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November 1, 2022
Male And Female Residents Sitting In Chairs And Talking In Lounge Of Retirement Home

Upon entering residential care or assisted living facilities, many seniors begin to feel anxious and uncertain as to what their future may hold. At Priority Life Care, these concerns are eased by quality care and personal connections provided to all community members.

When it comes to senior care, physical abilities and personalities can span a wide gamut and necessitate personalized attention. Through a partnership with Vertis Therapy and other therapy companies, Priority Life Care has the ability to provide convenient access to on-site physical therapy with experienced therapists who value person-centered care.

What Does Vertis Therapy Provide?

Vertis Therapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy provider that offers their services to seniors of Priority Life Care*. With a focus on providing high-quality therapy solutions, Vertis is able to help seniors age gracefully and retain as much independence as possible.

The partnership between Vertis Therapy and Priority Life Care began during the summer of 2016 and has since brought innovation and technological advances to seniors and caregivers across the nation.

Over the years, needs have grown; therefore, the partnership has unfolded into a more expansive collaboration. As stated by the CEO of Vertis Therapy, Jeff Clayton, “As the needs of our elders grow, we grow together!”

As Priority Life Care has expanded, “Vertis has been there to provide therapy services to the elders of each community,” says Jeff Clayton. This community-minded outlook helps to ensure that seniors are receiving therapy solutions that are designed to reach them wherever they may be on the physical or cognitive spectrum.

*A doctor’s order may be required for residents who want or need therapy.

The Benefits of On-Site Physical Therapy

At Priority Life Care, residents are assessed by the on-site therapy company upon their arrival and if they have an incident, such as a fall. This has been key in helping residents maintain physical functionality. It also gives us a baseline if someone doesn’t need therapy right away, but may later.

Physical therapy is increasingly important as individuals age, as it can help seniors to retain a level of independence that may otherwise be lost. Some individuals simply want to maintain their mobility while others may be dealing with a chronic injury or trying to recover from surgery.

Having access to on-site physical therapy is especially beneficial to those who struggle with transportation and would face hardship trying to reach an off-site location. When the therapy is on-site, therapists can meet with the residents at a convenient location and build collaboration with the patient, their caregivers, and the staff.

Vertis Therapy makes it a point to meet new residents and become acquainted with their specific needs and mobility concerns. This familiarity with the seniors on a person-by-person basis leads to individualized care and a level of trust that is otherwise lost when residents have to go off-site and meet with a rotating docket of physical therapists.

Another significant benefit to on-site physical therapy is access to a gym. As opposed to a home visit, residents and their therapists have access to a fully equipped and up-to-date therapy gym which can increase the quality of care that the PT can provide.

Supporting the Physical Wellbeing of Our Seniors

Priority Life Care endeavors to provide individual care for the three elements that contribute to one’s overall wellness: the mind, the body, and the soul. When it comes to providing high-quality physical therapy to its seniors, PLC and Vertis value building a repertoire with each individual and crafting a personalized care regime.

Every senior deserves to physically function to the best of their abilities and mobility is a significant factor when it comes to an individual’s independence. Therefore, it should be retained for as long as possible through a tailored set of exercises and routines that focus on an individual’s personal goals and abilities.

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