Is Assisted Living Right for My Mom?

August 25, 2019

As we watch our parents grow into their golden years, tough decisions may come ahead. One of the most difficult decisions is moving a parent from the familiarity and routines of one’s lifelong home into an assisted living.

African American daughter and senior mother

Why Move Your Loved One Into Assisted Living?

Residing in an assisted living community gives an aging individual more independence in addition to many benefits. Senior housing caters to each individual’s needs while residents are free to maintain their lifestyles. Stimulating services such as life enrichment classes and outings, medical support services, exceptional dining and more are what you can expect at an assisted living.

Priority Life Care’s Life Enrichment program schedules daily activities and local outings. Does your loved one like crafts, cooking clubs, education classes, special events, and celebrations? Our Life Enrichment director meets with each individual to find out their interests and hobbies, and often pair them with like-minded people. In addition, planned outings into the local community may include shopping, local museums, libraries, restaurants and more.

The exceptional dining experience is a great way to meet with friends and enjoy our friendly staff. Each meal is home cooked and served in our dining room. There are alternative menus for those who are not interested in the Daily Special. Meals change every day, and we are very accommodating to individual tastes, preferences, and food allergies.

Lastly, another great benefit to living in an assisted living is the freedom to enjoy your days! Let us take on the “honey-do” of fixing light bulbs and shovelling snow while you enjoy your retirement! Regular maintenance happens with no additional cost or worries to the senior resident.

Of course, many other factors can be weighed in deciding to take the step to moving one’s parent into assisted living but freeing up more time for one’s golden years may be the most important factor in securing one’s independence.

To learn more about assisted living and if it is right for you or your loved one, click here.

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