PLC Communities Feed The Soul

September 1, 2022
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Many will find that a sense of spirituality encourages interpersonal communication, offers significance to their lives, and promotes a positive outlook on life. As a result, your loved ones’ belief in the transcendent or divine constitutes an important dimension in their quality of life, contributing to their ability to embrace resilience in the face of adversity, preserve their creative energies, and operate positively as a component in health promotion. 

This is why it’s so important to look into senior communities that provide the best opportunities for your loved ones to participate in activities that align with their hobbies and help nourish the soul. Having a memory problem, chronic illness, or fall risks should not be considered a limitation as senior communities have successfully created different programs designed to suit the unique needs of every resident. 

PLC communities all over the country are actively seeking out ways to engage with residents and help nurture their health, not just physically and mentally but spiritually as well. Below is a quick shoutout to some of those communities, highlighting a few ways that PLC communities work to feed the soul! 

Soul-enriching activities at Carolina Gardens at Garden City have left loved ones feeling grateful and excited to have something to do! Here are a few thoughts from current residents and family members: 

“Just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s concert. Everyone enjoyed it so much. They all were singing along and had some dancers too… I tell everyone how mom stays active.. Mom was at a place for 6 months and they had so little she could/would participate in but now she doesn’t want to miss anything you have going on!!”

-J. Brooks, Daughter of resident 

“The social events and activities that also take place here go above and beyond. There is no holiday too little or too small that we get to celebrate so there is something for everyone. I’ve gone on a few lunch outings too and they have been tremendous. It feels like one big happy family getting together all the time. I appreciate the time and effort it takes for all of this to be pulled off. I give it an A++.” 

J. Noell; Resident

Life Enrichment Director of Valparaiso Senior Village, Angel Ripley, has this to say about the time, effort, and intentionality that goes into making every resident feel like they are thriving in the community! 

“The Soul aspect on the PLC Life Enrichment program is so much more than a title on an activities calendar. It’s a feeling, an atmosphere, a culture. Soul activities are also based on the spiritual movement of all our religions and beliefs. For example, depending on the residents, we hold a monthly or weekly Bible study group, weekly communion from a local church visitor, Spiritual Reading Hour, Mindful Meditation, and Hymn sing-along. We also host a monthly resident council meeting where we have an open table for the residents to tell what they would like to do.” 

Glasswater Creek takes a unique approach to ensuring that new residents feel welcome, included, and excited about the soul-enriching activities in the community. Their Faith Sharing Program recognizes that residents come from many different backgrounds. The emphasis is placed on sharing, where everyone is listening to each other regardless of their beliefs. Additionally, the Resident Ambassador program allows current residents to be a part of the welcoming committee and provides new residents with a “buddy system” for meals, activities, groups, etc.

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