Our Culture of Care

October 12, 2022

At Priority Life Care, we take our responsibility to care for the older adults in our homes very seriously. That’s why we constantly strive to build a community with strong connections between our teams, residents, and their families. 

“I’m very proud to say that we take really good care of our residents,” said Priority’s CEO, Severine Petras. “We make sure that they have the food they want, that they look good, and that they’re engaged.” She recently joined the LTC Heroes podcast to discuss her role in building a “family-centric” culture at Priority. Watch the interview below: 

In her discussion with Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis, Petras shared that the secret to providing outstanding care is to also show concern for caregivers. “If I can take care of my team, they can then take care of the people who are in the communities, our residents,” she said. She also makes sure to let them know that they are appreciated. “The first thing I do [in the morning] is I go around to our co-workers, and I thank them for what they do every day for our residents and for each other,” Petras said. 

LTC Podcast featuring Sevy Petras

Petras is an inquisitive leader who leans on the insights and input of her team. “I ask them two very simple questions,” she said. “The first is, ‘What’s one thing we do really well in the community?’ And I love hearing these answers. And then I ask, ‘What could we do better?’ ” She makes note of the responses and shares them with the regional team. “Sometimes the problem is as simple as needing another vacuum,” she said. It is this sort of hands-on leadership and elevated standard of care that makes Priority Life Care a desirable destination for America’s older adults. 

Written by: Dr. Cameron Zargar

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