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Independence At Every Stage

January 2, 2023

At Priority Life Care, our purpose is Independence. This independence can be a peace of mind, like in the case of mother and daughter, Linda and Betty, at Celebration Villa.

Feature Story

4 Major Benefits in Choosing a Senior Living Community

December 8, 2020

Senior Living communities continue to be the right option for many seniors. Here are 4 benefits to choosing senior living community in today’s world.

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Five Simple Soul Essentials

August 1, 2022

Finding hobbies, activities, and practices that nourish the soul is essential to living a well-balanced life at any age. Priority Life Care communities encourage both residents and family members to seek these activities out in their day to day lives. Below are five simple ideas that can be incorporated into a seniors routine to boost... Read More

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Back to Basics: What to Consider as a Loved One Ages

October 1, 2021

Choosing a senior community for your loved one is one of the most important care decisions you’ll make; use this quick guide to everything you need to know about senior care terminology.

Having The Conversation September 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

Reframing Senior Care In A Positive Light When we think of senior care in America, many of us might conjure up images of sterile, lonely nursing homes, where elderly folks sit listlessly in wheelchairs with nothing to do. But as with many stereotypes, these images only tell a small part of the story. Having a… Read More

Priority Life Care Champions August 14, 2023 by Priority Life Care

At Priority Life Care (PLC), we believe that exceptional senior care starts from within our dedicated team. Our PLC Champions program stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, spotlighting the exceptional talents and leadership qualities of our line staff associates who go above and beyond to provide outstanding services to their communities. Unveiling… Read More

Science-Backed Techniques For Reducing Stress August 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

As we get older, our bodies change, our minds may not be as sharp as they once were, and we may face new and unfamiliar circumstances.  With all these changes, it’s no surprise that we seniors often feel stressed and worried.  But there are a few simple tips that can make a huge difference. Let’s… Read More

Priority Life Care Promotes Marilou Hudanick to Vice President, Quality Services/Assurance August 1, 2023 by Priority Life Care

Priority Life Care (PLC), a renowned national senior housing operator, is pleased to announce the promotion of Marilou Hudanick to the position of Vice President, Quality Services/Assurance.

Celebrating the 50th Episode of the Award-Winning “Her Stories” Podcast July 26, 2023 by Priority Life Care

Priority Life Care and Sevy Petras, CEO and co-founder of Priority Life Care, is celebrating the 50th episode of her award-winning “Her Stories” podcast.

The Power Of Gratitude July 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

Gratitude isn’t just an emotion – it’s a form of resilience. If you can express gratitude for the little things in life, it will give you the ability to adjust positively – no matter the circumstances.  Let’s take a closer look at why saying “thank you” is so much more than just polite etiquette, and… Read More

Priority Life Care CEO Sevy Petras elected to Argentum board of directors June 19, 2023 by Priority Life Care

Sevy Petras, CEO and co-founder of Priority Life Care, has recently been elected to the board of directors of Argentum, the leading national trade association serving companies that own, operate, and support professionally managed senior living communities in the United States, effective immediately.

How We Can Maintain a Sense of Purpose as We Age June 15, 2023 by Priority Life Care

Priority Life Care can provide a supportive environment that helps residents maintain a sense of purpose through meaningful activities.

Oral Health in Seniors June 1, 2023 by Sarah Lewis

Seniors are prone to suffering from serious medical conditions related to poor dental hygiene. There is evidence that gum diseases, such as periodontitis, can be linked to heart disease and diabetes, as well as other systemic complications. Healthy teeth allow seniors to enjoy their food more without suffering from painful chewing and swallowing. Seniors suffering… Read More

Priority Life Care Earns Great Place to Work Recognition May 18, 2023 by Priority Life Care

Priority Life Care has earned national recognition as a Great Place to Work for its second consecutive year! More than 90 percent of Priority Life Care employees participated in the surveys, with nearly 80 percent of respondents categorizing it as a Great Place to Work.

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